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New York Times Tech News

Yesterday In Styles: What Was the Two-Way Pager?

Fri, 2017-11-24 09:48
In which we look back at our own rough drafts of history.

Tech Tip: Ways to Stop Facebook From Eating Your Battery

Fri, 2017-11-24 09:04
The mobile app for the social network can be a bit of a battery hog, but you can do a few things to rein in the power grab.

From Atari (Remember It?), a New Console With Old Games

Fri, 2017-11-24 04:00
The Flashback, a top seller at Dollar General, is squeezing lots of nostalgia out of a retro product this holiday shopping season.

Facebook Founder’s Favor Comes With Complications

Thu, 2017-11-23 17:28
Wherever Mark Zuckerberg goes in Silicon Valley, he seems to generate a housing problem, including at an R.V. community where residents were evicted this month.

Tech Tip: Choosing a Payment Option for Google Play

Thu, 2017-11-23 14:01
Even though you don’t have to pay for free apps, the Google Play store will urge you to add a payment option to your account.

F.C.C. Plan to Roll Back Net Neutrality Worries Small Businesses

Wed, 2017-11-22 19:20
Small companies, which have increasingly turned to the internet, worry that a pay-for-play system online could price them out of doing business.

Were You a Victim of Russian Propaganda? Facebook Will Help You Find Out

Wed, 2017-11-22 18:33
Facebook said it was planning to roll out a new tool so you can figure out whether the page or account you followed or liked was run by Russian agents.

Trilobites: ‘Crazy Jigsaw Puzzles’ Improve Our Views of Coral Reefs

Wed, 2017-11-22 14:28
An analysis of 3D photomosaics of reefs in the Pacific Ocean could help scientists better understand the health of coral around the world.

Warning Signs About Another Giant Bitcoin Exchange

Wed, 2017-11-22 13:03
On some days, Bitfinex claims to be doing more trades than some stock exchanges. But it has lost millions in two hackings and has no government oversight.

Tech Fix: How to Buy a Great TV This Black Friday

Wed, 2017-11-22 10:52
Black Friday tends to be when prices for great TVs drop to their lowest. But there are pitfalls, so we put together a playbook for how to snag the best TV for you.

Tech We’re Using: How to Cover Rocket Blastoffs With an iPhone

Wed, 2017-11-22 09:36
Space shuttle launches were Earth-rattling when seen in person. Now rocket launches can be covered through an iPhone, says Kenneth Chang, who covers space for The Times.

Tech Tip: Cropping Photos With Mac Preview

Wed, 2017-11-22 09:06
The free image editor that Apple includes with its Macs can do a lot of things, including trimming out unwanted parts of your photos.

State of the Art: Twitter, It’s Time to End Your Anything-Goes Paradise

Wed, 2017-11-22 04:00
Twitter should scrap a founding principle — everyone gains equal footing and any behavior is tolerated — and create a new system that rewards positive contributions.

Skin Deep: His Eye Makeup Is Way Better Than Yours

Wed, 2017-11-22 04:00
How teenage boys and young men wearing makeup are affecting beauty norms.

Atelier Swarovski Turns to Man-Made Gems

Wed, 2017-11-22 03:52
The line’s first high jewelry collection features diamonds and emeralds grown in laboratories.

Uber Hid 2016 Breach, Paying Hackers to Delete Stolen Data

Wed, 2017-11-22 00:55
The company said hackers had stolen 57 million accounts and that the breach was kept secret. In the aftermath, it fired its top security executive.

Economic Scene: Patent ‘Trolls’ Recede as Threat to Innovation. Will Justices Change That?

Tue, 2017-11-21 22:35
Created to keep invalid claims from hurting companies, consumers and the economy, a government panel faces an existential threat in a case before the Supreme Court.

F.C.C. Plans Net Neutrality Repeal in a Victory for Telecoms

Tue, 2017-11-21 19:59
A rollback of net neutrality regulations would represent a significant victory for companies like AT&T and Comcast and would amount to a strike against consumers.

Meg Whitman to Step Down as Hewlett Packard Enterprise C.E.O.

Tue, 2017-11-21 19:38
After building eBay into an internet giant, Ms. Whitman took over Hewlett-Packard and split the Silicon Valley icon in two, with mixed results.

Net Neutrality Repeal: What Could Happen and How It Could Affect You

Tue, 2017-11-21 17:01
For you and me, the Federal Communications Commission’s plan to repeal net neutrality rules can be boiled down to two questions: What might happen? And who do you trust?