Telling Stories with Data - Speaker Series


Join us this semester as we welcome some of the most innovative professionals in the field of journalism to discuss the future of data-driven storytelling. Each of these speakers works for an organization that has received the prestigious Knight News Challenge grant.

Dante Chinni, Editor/Director, Patchwork Nation/Jefferson Institute
Wednesday, April 11
2-3:30pm OM 320 Using Data to Tell Stories
5:30-6:30pm Reception OM 320
6:30-9:30pm OM 238 An Introduction to VIDI


Dante Chinni is the director of the Patchwork Nation project, a Knight Foundation-funded collaboration including the PBS NewsHour and WNYC radio that studies politics, socio-economics and culture in a time of change. Patchwork Nation, a project of the Jefferson Institute, won a 2009 Knight Batten Award for journalistic innovation and is the focus of the book "Our Patchwork Nation" from Gotham, an imprint of Penguin. Based in Washington, D.C., Chinni has been covering politics and the media for more than 10 years. He has worked as a reporter-researcher at Newsweek and a senior associate at the Project for Excellence in Journalism. He has written for publications including The Economist, Columbia Journalism Review, and The Washington Post Magazine.


All events to be held in historic Old Main on the Texas State University Campus. The program was developed in conjunction with the AEJMC/Knight grant, Building a Bridge Between the Knight News Challenge and JMC Programs: Bringing the Ideas to Life in Classrooms and Student Media. The goal is to expose students to the innovative projects being funded by the Knight Foundation.

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Past Events

Aron Pilhofer, Director, Interactive News, The New York Times
Thursday, March 8
2-5pm OM 320 Data Journalism Workshop - graduate students and invited guests
5-6pm OM 320 Reception
6:30-8pm OM 234 The State of Data Journalism


Aron Pilhofer is editor of Interactive News at The New York Times. His team blends journalism and technology to enhance The Times's reporting online through social media, community and dynamic, data-driven Web applications. He is also co-founder of two news-related nonprofits: and Hacks and Hackers. Aron joined The Times in 2005 as a projects editor on the paper's newly expanded computer-assisted reporting team. Prior to joining The Times, he reported for the Center for Public Integrity in Washington, Gannett newspapers in New Jersey and Delaware and was on the national training staff of Investigative Reporters and Editors.


Thomas Levine, Developer, Scraperwiki
Wednesday, March 21
5-6pm OM 320 Dinner Reception
6:30pm-9:30pm OM 238 Scraping Data from the Web


Thomas Levine (Developer Advocate,@thomaslevine) has been hacking with computers since he was young. In the process, he noticed back and wrist pain, prompting him to research physical ergonomics of computer use and, in turn, to study statistics. His favorite color is pink.