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I Am a Drupal... (and So Can You!)



So, that's a Stephen Colbert reference. But basically, if I can learn Drupal, you can. I used this site as a platform to try out features, trying to develop the site to look as much like my previous site as possible. Toward the end of Christmas break, I started the Drupal 7 Essential Training on I have since gone through most of the course on Reporting and Visualizing Data, as well. I plan to dive into the Customizing Themes course next. Here I'll review a few of the features I've tested so far.


Drupal is a content management system. It's a bit more robust than Wordpress. For most people, Wordpress can be used to accomplish most site designs and can be customized with a wide range of features. But Drupal provides a lot more flexibility and functionality, so if you have very specific data, interactivity or ecommerce needs, it may be the best platform. There are many sites online that compare the two, but here are a couple good articles: Drupal vs. Wordpress: The Epic Debate and Wordpress vs. Drupal: The Saga Continues. But with the flexibility of Drupal comes more complexity. The first thing I learned about Drupal is that everything you do takes several steps. You can't just make a post and then it's on the site. You have to decide what type of content it is and decide where and how it will be posted. You may have to add additional features that you might assume would be available as a default.

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